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The Industrial Revolution

During the Industrial Revolution, the vital results of world pollution were not predicted or completely grasped. The Industrial Revolution, beginning in the United Kingdom, spread to the United States and Western Europe inside of a couple of decades. This period between 1760 to 1840 proclaimed the move to new manufacturing procedures. Hand creation systems were supplanted by apparatus, new chemical manufacturing and an enhanced proficiency of water and steam power dependent on fossil energizes, for example, coal and later oil. The phenomenal size of outflow of nursery gasses and the utilization of fossil energizes has prompted a long haul increment in worldwide normal temperatures.

The past two decades have been the newest in history, and as per atmosphere models, temperatures are required to increment further. A noteworthy reason for concern is the warming of the Polar Regions and the resulting loss of ice sheets. This situation has pulverizing outcomes, not just for all life shapes subject to polar situations, yet it likewise incorporates the Inuit tribes as their chasing seasons are being decreased, which will eventually influence their employment, and survival. This situation could be an antecedent to the elimination of the Inuit’s as a different gathering of people if an Earth-wide temperature boost is not tended to soon. A standout amongst the most stressing influences of an Earth-wide temperature boost is the continuous liquefying of the polar ice tops, with less radiation from the sun being reflected by the ice tops. The uncovered land and water energizes further warming as more daylight is absorbed. There are local companies such as Lafayette’s Best Tree Service that are working to undo the harm done to the environment. Continue reading

Global Warming or Global “Warning”?

The global warming debate continues to make news. One of the more interesting parts of this debate is the political pressure many scientists who study the climate experience. It seems that political correctness has finally become a part of the global warming conspiracy.

The US House Oversight and Government Review Committee recently reported on a survey of scientists who study climate changes. Nearly half the respondents stated that they had received pressure to remove the words “climate change” or “global warning” from various written reports detailing the results of climate studies. In particular, a 2008 report by the Attorney General of NASA had concluded that White House appointees in NASA had systematically censored and suppressed the release of scientific data related to the climate during the 2004 election campaign of President Bush. One official often mentioned is Philip Cooney, who clearly worked to suppress many government reports on changes to the climate. Cooney now works for Exxon Mobil.

James E. Hanson, Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, wrote a much publicized article in 2006 in the New York Times detailing the problem of political influence with his institute. NASA denied such interference and gave an explanation that it was trying to separate personal opinions from facts. Scientists at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration voiced similar complaints to the press. A good review of this controversy can be found in the book Republican War on Science by journalist Chris Moony. Even the BBC became interested in the political suppression of global warming data and did several episodes on the subject of its award winning news series Panarama.

More recently, scientists have been subjected to pressure to stop using the terms “irreversible” and “chaotic” in their writing. Mike Hulme, director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Research, recently stated that some groups are upset that recent studies did not play up the world ending problems that could be caused by climate change. It is becoming difficult to find scientific studies that are not influenced by political concerns. Companies, such as Exxon, have been shown to have contributed to scientific institutes that support claims that scientific data documenting climate change used unscientific methods and should be discredited.

All and all, there are many who believe by the time all the political issues are sorted out, it may be too late to save our planet.

A Vast Conspiracy?

Don’t believe in conspiracies? Sure. But what about the still thriving literature about the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, and the shelves full of assassination theories?

So. Perhaps we ought to be interested in a basic thought. Perhaps all the reestablished hoopla about worldwide environmental change being brought on by people and our hunger for fossil energizes that has taken after the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change (IPCC) is truly the result of a couple of one-sided, left-wing researchers and Al Gore. Possibly it is a connivance completed inside Priuses and uninvolved sun powered houses to assume control over the world. Anyhow, Houston, we have an issue. The trick to hoodwink general society and strategy creators and screw the oil, gas and coal organizations must be really limitless. Take that bastion of radical claims, the Vatican.

Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI both said something, beginning in 1990, that worldwide environmental change is genuine, brought about by people, and that we ought to make a move to moderate and stop it. Obviously the inexorably populist Pope Francis has been taken in, yet what about this suggestion? “All countries must concentrate on a quick move to renewable vitality sources and different techniques to decrease CO2 emanations.” Michael Mann and those bothersome Nobel Peace Prize-winning researchers? No. The radicals encouraging we close down the fossil fuel industry are from the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in a 2011 experimental report for the Vatican! There are additionally more than 100 Roman Catholic organizations, including dreadful people like Catholic Relief Services, Catholic Charities, and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, who have framed a Catholic Climate Covenant that has individuals marking a St. Francis Pledge to make a move to anticipate an unnatural weather change.

Alright, OK! Anyhow shouldn’t something be said about truly progressive Christians like the Southern Baptists? Aren’t they contradicted to Gore and the frantic researchers? (We realize that mainline Protestants, Jews, and different religions will oblige any liberal reason, so they don’t tally, regardless of the fact that the National Council of Churches, speaking to around 55,000,000 Americans, has been effectively dealing with environmental change for a considerable length of time). Too bad. The Southern Baptists saw the light a couple of years back and now have the Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change. It certifies the science behind an Earth-wide temperature boost and calls for activity.

Indeed, shouldn’t we think about truly extreme progressive political pioneers? No weaklings, please! Alright. The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of Great Britain, took a stand in opposition to human-created an unnatural weather change as ahead of schedule as the 1980s when she was advised by top researchers. Her Tory Environment Minister, John Gummer, is still at it. Thus is the moderate drove legislature of England. Why this British preservationist convention of concern with human-created environmental change? Thatcher was prepared in science and had faith in science. Her companion, Ronald Reagan, trusted in stories.

The intrigue to persuade the effectively drove that we require singular, nearby, national and global guidelines and regulations to move far from fossil powers is significantly greater than you know. It incorporates more than 670 U.S. school presidents who are freely dedicated to move their grounds to carbon free zones with green curricula and undertakings; more than 1000 U.S. chairmen resolved to do likewise with their urban communities, significant guilds, and real companies, 45 of whom grouped together to hall for President Obama’s top and exchange bill. No doubt, Yeah. Be that as it may shouldn’t something be said about genuine Americans?

Doubtlessly our square-jawed, steely-peered toward officers and chiefs of naval operations to whom we endow our country’s guard don’t purchase the quack remedy of environmental change. Wrong once more. The inconceivable atmosphere trick reaches out to the Armed Forces! There is a naval force “Green Fleet,” Air Force biofuels, and green activities to cut carbon outflows at spots like Fort Benning which now wears half and half and electric vehicles, sun based rooftop boards, LED lights, and considerably more to decrease the military’s carbon boot print.

Egad! Who’s left who doesn’t “accept” in the all around reported reasons for late, quickening worldwide environmental change and its horrendous spate of dry seasons, flames, surges, and super tempests? The IPCC Report just discharged was composed by many the top atmosphere researchers on the planet who needed to bring along their administrations. They investigated a great many associate looked into articles and have persuaded the Chinese, the Russians, and pretty much everyone on the planet to concur. This worldwide intrigue is vast to the point that it just forgets a couple of individuals and substances we could name. Oil organizations like Exxon/Mobil, coal organizations like the Southern Company and Peabody Coal, railroads that pull coal, as CSX, two or three research organizations, similar to the Cato Institute, that get significant stores from the Koch siblings with endless property in fossil energizes, and a modest bunch of ideological government officials who don’t care for any administration activity by any means.

I’m interested in the thought and attempting to cling to the idea that researchers and religious pioneers, work, business, universities, chairmen, the military, the vast majority of the administrations of the world, and some of my closest companions, are a piece of an inconceivable, worldwide trick to push an unnatural weather change hypotheses and squash society. Yet it just gets increasingly hard to accept that each one of those people aren’t right and are basically out to trick me.

A Conspiracy?

The fate of ignorance is always death. But I guess there are great numbers of people who are forging ignorance for self-gain. Climate change and global warming is not a joke or something that anyone can do with it simply like that. Despite the fact that winter remains cool just like before doesn’t justify that there is no global warming. There are so many climate conspiracy that has already been put forward to support false believe so that tycoons and great beneficiaries in fossil fuel industries can continuously make huge bucks while destroying the climate.

Some have claimed that there is nothing like accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. From such argument it is clear that these guys are supporting limitless burning of fossil fuel and also it seems they are disregarding any policies that minimize emission of carbon dioxide. Furthermore they are suggesting that it is getting cold during winter yet there is emission of carbon dioxide and therefore they assume that there is no correlation between emission of carbon dioxide and global warming. Which is totally wrong thinking bearing in mind that winter is a season and global warming is a gradual change and therefore even though now it has less effect with time it will get worse.

Some people are suggesting that if climate is changing it has nothing to do with human activities and they claim that climate change is variations that occur naturally due to volcanic eruption and changing solar variation. From this argument it is clear that something causes climate change, and from their claim it includes factors such as volcanic eruption. Volcanic eruption contain greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane and to their belief it can cause climate change yet they suggest human activities such as burning fossil fuel cannot cause climate change. Burning fossil fuel contribute greatest amount of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and therefore you cannot compare its effect with that of natural occurrences such as volcanic eruption.

Another claim that has been put forward is that the researchers are not real scientist but corrupt politician. This claim is totally wrong considering the fact that there is non-violated policies that must be followed by every researcher before being absorbed by any global researching organization such UNEP.

Another conspiracy claim is that oil will last forever and oil well can never dry up. This is a totally wrong believe and not scientific since by now there are so many oil wells that have already dried up. This means that alternative fuel which is economically and environmentally friendly must be identified on time.

They also suggest that carbon dioxide is natural and advantageous to the nature and therefore if human produce more of it, it will be much beneficial. Such claim is silly and support the fact that if something is dangerous yet beneficial we should maximize its usage without limits and we should not care about its effect since human are adaptive in nature. Doing that we forget about other organism that share the earth with us yet they cannot adopt to the increasing level of carbon dioxide. Such thinking is totally unfair and inhuman.

Some have even gone further to quote religious books such as the bible to support their conspiracy against climate change. Since the bible has suggested that there will be times of heat and cold, planting and harvesting, to be more specific seasoning, is climate change and global warming a season? Or should we destroy our earth on such silly claim?

There are so many climate conspiracies that can even make you believe in their thinking. But what is the right thing to do? Follow their self-centered views or support the war against global warming? Just remember everyone has a role to play in order to make the earth a better place to live for current and future generations.

This is my new website.

Hello, This is my new website. I’ll be working on making it more informative as I go. I hope you keep coming back and checking in as I will be adding lots more posts in the coming weeks.

I will be focusing on the changes in the environment that have been taking place recently. It seems like as time goes by, the weather has been going to more and more extremes.

I will try to show both sides of the coin as I haven’t decided for myself yet what’s really going on. I mean, how could I? If there is a conspiracy going  on, I doubt even the people involved even know everything.